Karen  Romer

Karen Romer has extensive experience in all aspects of corporate communications, market communications, change management, brand & identity building and corporate responsibility.  Romer joined H+K Strategies as the Director of H+K’s Corporate Communications business in the Norwegian office in December 2017, after 15 years as VP and EVP in global companies. During most of her tenure at H+K, Karen has been seconded to Equinor to lead its rebranding in 2018 and the subsequent focus on building the brand from within as Acting VP Brand.

Romer’s industry experience spans Energy, Finance, Technology and Retail. She has a track record in developing and implementing change communications related to M&A, rebranding, IPO and restructuring in companies such as Aker Solutions, Statoil Fuel & Retail/Circle K/Couche-Tard and Lindorff.

When SFR went public in 2010, Karen led the process to define and implement the vision, mission & values of the new, independent stock listed company. In 2012, the company was unexpectedly acquired by Couche-Tard. This M&A resulted in a global rebranding process involving 10,000 locations across 3 continents and 100,000 employees. Karen led development and implementation of the new corporate DNA for the combined global entity. In 2016, in her role as EVP Identity, Communications and Marketing at Lindorff, Karen was responsible for significant change communications and culture building activities in the merger of Lindorff with Intrum Justitia (20 countries and 8000 employees).

Most recently, as project lead for the rebranding and implementation of Statoil to Equinor, Karen led a global project team consisting of 186 Equinor managers. A strong collaboration across corporate departments and over 20 markets globally was key to the success of the project. Within two months of the launch, the implementation phase of the brand (May 2018) was started, with a focus on driving the cultural change in the organization – getting employees across the globe to wear the Equinor lens in their day to day business.