Huawei | Launch event for P30 series

Gambit H+K did the launch event for the Huawei P30 series in March 2019. The aim was to spread information about the new phone, and position Huawei as a leading technology supplier. In addition, it was important to expose Huawei to a new target group; local influencers and lifestyle media segment.

The event was held at LingLing in Oslo – a place with Asian and luxurious elements that are in the style of Huawei’s brand. To ensure engagement and interest in the new Huawei P30 series with the target audience, we took all visitors on a trip with different imaging stations to test the product and the phone’s unique features. Among other things, we had a zoom station and a dark unit to test the zoom characteristics and shutter speed of a mobile camera, respectively. In addition, we hired ballet dancers who danced continuously, where guests could take pictures to test moving cameras. We also had a collage of photos taken with P30 Pro by the famous photographer Olav Stubberud. With rapper Arif as entertainment and Isabell Ringenes as presenter, we also provided high entertainment value for the target group.

Gambit H + K was also responsible for choosing the menu, decoration, technology, invitations, guest list and presentations, as well as ensuring the smooth execution of the event itself. In addition, we conducted a press run after the event to disseminate information in addition to participation and to ensure that key journalists tested the phone. To ensure media coverage of the product, we also had a press event in the morning where we presented the product.

The event resulted in 140 reputable influencers and journalists attending, and over 150 social media posts about the event. The posts and press from the event had a total reach of 2.000.000. All the major premium newspapers and magazine covered the event as well.

Sector: Fast Consumer Goods
Specialist expertise: Behavioral Science, Partnership Marketing, Events
Office: Oslo

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