Nespresso | Sustainability, marketing, PR and event

We have assisted Nespresso since the fall of 2017 and collaborated on local communications strategies, marketing campaigns, PR and events for both B2C and B2B. 


Recycling and sustainability have been one of the focus areas and Nespresso has made significant investments in infrastructure to ensure a higher proportion of recycled coffee capsules. From only offering recycling schemes through their boutiques to now covering 97% of Norway through a collaboration with Posten Norge AS.

We have, among other things, produced an animated film that shared the news and explained the recycling process. We have on a monthly basis contributed with social media content to raise awareness of Nespresso’s recycling system.

Launch of Nespresso Vertuo

In 2018, we were responsible for public relations, sponsorships and events for the launch of Nespresso Vertuo, a new coffee system that makes large cups of rich coffee.

Leading up to the launch, we collaborated creatively with the Conspiracy Pod, one of Norway’s most popular podcasts. The podcast is led by comedian duo Fredrik Sjaastad Næs and Bjørn-Henning Ødegaard who were challenged to find out what kind of coffee product Nespresso now had invented. Then Nespresso Vertuo became part of both the podcast, both on audio and live performances. We were early in the sponsorship collaboration for podcast and got very good coverage through the collaboration.

Content marketing B2B 

In 2019, we have helped Nespresso Professional with branding and content marketing. Together with Norstat we conducted a coffee survey among Norwegian workers and based on this we wrote several blog articles for distribution to relevant target groups.

Check out Nespresso’s Business & Coffee blog here.

Sector: Food + Drink, Fast Consumer Goods
Specialist expertise: The Studio, Better Impact™
Office: Oslo

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