NORAD - The world's most beautiful night trek

The whole world has gathered around the UN’s Sustainable Developement Goals, yet few know what they are. On behalf of Norad, The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, we invited Norwegians to participate in the world’s most beautiful night trek. Together we lit up the road to one of Norway’s most beloved mountain peaks, Gaustatoppen, and the road to a more sustainable future. 


In 2016, research showed that only 35 percent of Norway’s population knew what the UN’s Sustainable Developement Goals were. And without knowledge we have little possibility of reaching them. With Norad, Gambit H+K had to come up with a concept that not only would engage the public to participate, but also inspire them to learn more about the challenges our world faces.


We decided to lift the sustainability goals from behind the closed dores of politics, and to the public, with an idea that would connect with the very centre of the Norwegian spirit – mountain hiking.

To create added interest, and to emphasise the symbolic value, we arranged the hikes at night. This meant that the hikers would have to light up each others path, which would demand cooperation and a sense of community. The same characteristics needed to reach the sustainability goals.

Never before has a night trek like this been arranged on the top of a Norwegian mountain.


More than 7000 hikers walked to Gaustatoppen in August 2017. Together they lit up the path while learning the important messages from 17 stops on the way. After the event, 1 in 2 Norwegians know what the UN’s Sustainable Developement Goals are.

We delivered our message in social and traditional media, and cooperated with a wide range of ambassadors, from hiking-bloggers to UN organisations. The campaign movie was seen more than 2,5 million times and was shared by thousands. In total, the campaign received 139 500 comments, shares and likes in social media.

Sector: Government + Public Sector
Specialist expertise: Better Impact™, Events
Office: Oslo

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