NORAD: The world's most beautiful night trek

Gambit H+K developed the concept «Night treks for the Sustainable Development Goals». The concept intends to get people involved in UN’s objectives for a more sustainable world.

The target groups for this campaign are large and complex, as they range from politicians, municipal management and businesses, to civilians and the media.

Gambit H + K has carried out an influence strategy towards several of the largest municipalities in Norway and collaborated with the political leadership to arrange sustainable events in their regions. We have arranged preventive contingency plans for large outdoor events with several thousand participants. In addition, we have developed risk and vulnerability analyses (R&V) and been in dialogue with emergency services, affected groups and the media.

80 000 night hikers all over Norway
Gambit H+K has always provided media training in advance of Norad’s appearances on TV and news broadcasts. All national and local media have been present in the regions in which the night hikes have been carried out. In total, over 300 media cases have been made and published about the concept.

Gambit H+K has carried out night hikes in Rjukan, Ålesund, Oslo, Bergen, Asker, Bodø, Sandnes, Tromsø and Kristiansand. During the trips we have conveyed information about the Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, together with the participants, we have created spectacular activities that have become popular in the rest of the country as well. In the period between 2017 and 2019, over 80 000 people have participated in these night hikes.

12 million views
We have always categorized the different events as the means, and not the end itself. The films we have made have been distributed in social media. We have also developed a digital strategy that published the films on internal, earned and paid media channels. In addition, we have actively utilized social media in advance of the events to create attention and engagement. The videos have received over 12 million views on Facebook and over 1.3 million comments, likes, shares and posts on social media. Since 2017, the population of Norway have increased their knowledge of the sustainable development goals with 25 percent.

From Oslo with love
We made the film “From Oslo with love” in connection with the night hike in the capital, with the film gaining over two million views on social media. The film also contributed to 12 000 people joining our walk “for sustainability” to Ekebergåsen.

The campaign won eight gold awards in the SABER Awards, which is the largest international competition for the PR industry.

Sector: Government + Public Sector
Specialist expertise: Better Impact™, Events, The Studio
Office: Oslo

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