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Accounting Norway is the professional trade association for authorized accountants in Norway.

The accounting industry is facing major upheavals in the near future. Increasing automation and blooming of new DIY programs is putting more and more pressure on the accountants’ role. The message that “you don’t need an accountant” is well-reasoned in a cost focused market – especially among younger business owners and entrepreneurs.

Accounting Norway wanted a campaign to support member companies and increase visibility and knowledge of Accounting Norway. The creative concept should nuance the perception of a business being able to act without ab accountant and positioning the accountant as one of the most important advisors in the company.

Many do-it-yourself programs promote the fact that accounting in the app is as easy as browsing social media. Even if you are a superdigital business owneryou need something more. If you leave the accounts to a machineyou stand aloneeven if the tax office knocks on the door.  

We created a series of movies for social media where a young blogger / influx receives book support from tax authorities. The movie makes a humorous point about how easy it is to make mistakes in your accounts when you do not have special expertise in the area. The films were published on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with targeted advertising to entrepreneurs, business owners and financial managers in SMB companies. 

Preliminary results 

The campaign is in progress, but has so far created a lot of engagement and good results for Accounting Norway. The first films have a range of approx. 1.5 million views and has driven over 10,000 visistors to the customers website. 10% of everyone who has been exposed to the movie has chosen to watch the entire video. As the length of each movie is over one minute, it indicates that the content resonates well with the audience. 

Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Specialist expertise: Behavioral Science, Partnership Marketing
Office: Oslo

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