The Ministry of Climate and Environment: Act #ForNature

Sveinung Rotevatn, the Norwegian minster for climate and environment, is currently the President of the United Nations’ (UN) Environment Assembly (UNEA). The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment (MCE) therefore sought a partner to plan and carry out a multifaceted conference with the goal of preparing for the UN’s Fifth Environment Assembly. The objective of the conference, called “Act #ForNature”, was to discuss measures to reach the Sustainable Development Goals that relate to nature. 

From physical conference to digital universe
The intention was to realize an in-person event at The Hub, a hotel in Oslo, but due to the corona pandemic Gambit H+K had to develop other solutions. Together with MCE we decided to go fully digital, and we created a virtual universe and a global forum in which participants from all over the world could join in, chat, and answer engaging opinion polls related to the conference’s different themes. We sought to make the digital universe as interactive as possible.

The content of the conference; the speakers, moderators, and topics, were selected together with UNEA and FORUM.


Act #ForNature
Act #ForNature took place from June 7th to June 10th as a wholly digital meeting place headquartered in Oslo. Gambit H+K contributed with the planning, the development of the digital platform, design, marketing, and management of six events in total within the same conceptual solution.

By moving the conference online, business, activists, government representatives, organizations, and academia could partake regardless of their geographical location. This resulted in an intriguing program which appealed to the target group. A total of 67 speakers and eight moderators from every world continent contributed. The digital conference was produced and broadcasted from Oslo Streaming centre as well as a pop-up studio in the UN building in Nairobi. Complementing these “hubs” we also connected speakers from all over the world to this platform.

Contributors from all over the world
The platform was packaged within the profile of the concept and the UNEA. We also integrated the profile into a physical studio and in all marketing efforts, and produced logos, colours, fonts, pictures, illustrations, icons, and other graphic elements based on the customer’s existing profile.

We also delivered tailored jingles, an opening movie, countdowns, animations for studio monitors, visual transitions, and a common template for Keynotes. The graphic package ensured a clear, recognisable identity in all parts of the conference, ranging from promotion and social media to event registration.

2040 participants
Not only did the conference create notable excitement internally in MCE and UNEP, we also received thoroughly positive feedback from the event participants and the audience. 2847 public participants registered to join, 2040 logged on to the platform and sent in a total of 604 comments and questions to the speakers. By the end of the four-day forum we had gathered participants from a whooping 124 different countries.

Gambit H+K effectuated over twenty different sessions. The set-up of the sessions ranged from larger “town halls” with thousands of participants on the platform to smaller, more interactive meetings.

Sector: Government + Public Sector
Specialist expertise: Virtual Events
Office: Oslo

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