YTF: There's strength in numbers

In 2019 Gambit H+K made the recruitment campaign «There’s strength in numbers» for the Norwegian Trucking Alliance (YTF).

The goal was to recruit more bus drivers, and at the same time highlight the role of the alliance as an operator that defends the interests of the bus drivers.

Humor creates engagement
Gambit H+K produced three main films which visualized the concept, and where you meet a manager and the employees of a bus company. The films showed humorous situations grounded in the fact that it is more difficult for a manager in the business to ignore a whole bunch of bus drivers wanting to be heard or addressing a problem – rather than if you are one single person.

In one month the campaign was launched, optimized and achieved on Facebook. The films were published and designed to reach bus drivers, supported by link ads, and optimized to drive traffic to through passion and video views.

600 000 video views
In all, the campaign created nearly 600 000 video views and 6000 website clicks to The number of new membership registrations doubled during the campaign period compared with the same period in 2018.

Gambit H+K has assisted with communication strategy, target marked analysis, creative concept, campaign planning, digital strategy, marketing plan in social media, project management, social media content production, optimization, photo and film production.

Sector: Mobility + Transportation
Specialist expertise: Content + Publishing Strategy, Public Affairs
Office: Oslo

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