Gambit H+K hires Malene Celius Grieg and Snorre Erichsen Skjevrak to strengthen their political capabilities.

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Malene Celius Grieg is coming from the Norwegian Refugee Council, where she has worked with business actors, private foundations and philanthropists. Prior to that, she worked for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva. Her main focus has been on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, strategic partnerships and operational communication.

“I look forward to taking on new tasks,” says Celius Grieg.

Snorre Erichsen Skjevrak has spent the last three years with Geelmuyden Kiese. He worked with strategy, politics and PR – especially within the energy sector. He has previously been a city council representative in Sandnes, worked in the Labor Party’s parliamentary group and at the town hall in Oslo.

“It is very rewarding to be part of such a forward-looking agency as Gambit H+K, where insight and analysis are held strongly. In the end it is all about gaining better knowledge to provide for better decisions,” says Skjevrak.

Strengthens our local expertise
Peter Skovholt Gitmark, head of Gambit H+K’s public affairs department, is very pleased with the new appointments.

“I am pleased that our portfolio and our appointments show that we are still Norway’s broadest PR agency in terms of what we are able to offer,” says Gitmark.

He believes the two appointments strengthens them both locally and globally.

“Malene’s background from national and international humanitarian organizations, as well as Snorre’s experience from GK and the Labor Party, strengthens our local expertise, sector insight and global impact,” he says.

Attractive place to work
Earlier this year, Gambit H+K acquired Tønnes Thompson from Mørland & Johnsen, where he primarily worked for customers in the power sector and the defense industry. Thompson has extensive experience from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

“This year’s hires show that Gambit H+K attracts skillful people, regardless of professional and political background,” says Gitmark.