Henrik Halvorsen 

CEO / Senior Vice President of Operations in H+K Strategies EMEA / Senior Account Director

Henrik is CEO for Gambit HK, Senior Advisor, and SVP for Operations in EMEA. Henrik also holds several BOD positions in HK Europe. Henrik works mainly with corporate strategic reputation management, corporate branding and messaging platforms, stakeholder and issue management, crisis communications, M&A and Financial Communications. 

+47 901 58 385  

Marketing Communication

Marius Myhrvold 

Departement leader / Senior Account Director Marketing Communication

Marius has broad experience within strategic communication, integrated marketing campaigns with content production on different platforms, PR and digital marketing.

+47 930 82 265

Ane Eline Sandberg 

Account Executive PR and content

Ane works with PR, media relations, content production, social media and influencer marketing. She is always on the hunt for the good stories tailored to the right channels.

+47 950 93 416

Line Vee Hanum 

Senior Account Advisor

Line has a broad communications experience from the media industry, on both a strategic and creative level. She is highly skilled in PR, media profiling, conceptualization, and young target groups.

+47 922 40 464

Emely Sjøåsen

Digital Account Manager

In her work with digital communication and channels, Emely has an insight-driven, creative and systematic approach. Her experience stretches from marketing communication to campaigns and political communication.

+47 478 24 653

Lars Marius Matre 

Account executive PR and media relations

Lars Marius holds a bachelor’s degree in communication and leadership from BI. In addition to this he has several years of experience as a journalist, writer, customer relations consultant and advisor. 

+47 926 09 166  

Laura Pedrali  

Senior Account Director 

Laura is an expert on international communication and has experienced maintaining and forming media relations across the planet, partly due to the many languages she speaks. 

laura.pedrali@hkstrategies.com  +47 476 86 733 

Lene Mykjåland 

Account Manager 

Lene primarily works with public relations, media relations, content production, sponsorships and events. She holds a bachelor’s degree in culture and communications from the University of Oslo. 

+47 414 19 553 

Vegard Bjørtuft 

Senior Account Director / Sector Lead Events and Sponsorship

Vegard works in event marketing, sponsor activation and communication across sectors. He also has experience in sports marketing and sponsorship strategy.

+47 930 31 600 

Hanne Grobstok  

Senior Project Director 

Hanne has experienc from several marketing firms as both advisor and project executive for famous brands such as IKEA, Utleiemegleren, og Bjørneparken i Flå. 

+47 930 81 885 

Ingrid Høstbjør  

Senior Account Director

Ingrid’s expertise is public relations, digital communication, project management and content production. 

ingrid.hostbjor@hkstrategies.com +47 918 12 431 

Kristin Estil Jacobsen 

Account Director 

Kristin works with copywriting, media relations, project leadership, content marketing, influencer marketing and social media. 

kristin.jacobsen@hkstrategies.com  +47 917 19 854 

Gina Dalby 

Graphic Designer

Gina works as a graphic designer and contributes in all phases of a project, from research- and idea-generating, to developing the design.

+47 468 96 848 

Siv Martine Nyborg 


Siv works with creative concept and campaign development in traditional and digital platforms.

+47 454 86 790 

Morten Lervaag Jacobsen 

Creative Lead

Morten develops creative and engaging concepts. He has extensive experience with both digital and analog channels. 

+47 922 87 098 

Thea Rustad Dyvesether 

Account Manager PR and Media Relations

Thea works strategically with PR and media relations for a wide range of clients and sectors. She is also specialized within events, sponsorships and content production.

+47 476 78 292 

Public Affairs

Peter Gitmark

Departement leader/ Senior Account Director Public Affairs 

Peter’s main strengths is authority contact and relations, as well as political understanding. 

peter.gitmark@hkstrategies.com +47 990 12 336

Anders Bergsaker 

Senior Account Director / Sector lead Real estate

Anders’ works with strategy, PR, sustainability, policy, public affairs, real estate and workers and employers associations. He has advised some of the worlds largest companies, and has held several positions in the Norwegian Liberal Party.

anders.bergsaker@hkstrategies.com+47 957 72 942

Zahra Sabha 

Senior Account Executive and Sector Lead for Defense

Zahra specializes in defense, strategy, project and event management, and public affairs. Her expertise is in international affairs and security policy.

+47 925 10 857 

Malene Celius Grieg 

Account Manager

Malene has extensive experience working on projects both internationally and in Norway. She has worked closely with global and Norwegian organizations, businesses and private foundations. 

malene.grieg@hkstrategies.com / +47 404 87 515  

Snorre Erichsen Skjevrak 

Special Advisor

Snorre works mainly with strategy, analysis and authority contact and relations.

snorre.skjevrak@hkstrategies.com / +47 412 52 066  

Stein Kåre Kristiansen 

Senior Account Director

Stein Kåre has extensive experience with media and politics after over 40 years in the business. He has followed both Norwegian and international politics as a journalist and a commentator.

+47 905 57 717 

Svein Sundsbø 

Senior Advisor

Svein has extensive experience from the business and public affairs sectors in Norway. Amongst other things he held the position as Minister of Agriculture from 1985-86.

+47 220 48 200  

Matilda von Sydow


Matilda has extensive experience as an advisor and leader in politics and the non-profit sector. She has a long career from the Labor Party, including as an adviser to the city council group in Oslo. Matilda’s core competence is politics, strategy and project development.

+47 922 84 110

Julie Berg Melfald

Account Executive

Julie specializes in strategy, content production, public affairs and project management. She has worked as a journalist covering both international and domestic news, in addition to her experience as political advisor at the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok.

+47 954 89 238

Carl Korsnes

Account Executive

Carl has experience in positioning people and organizations in the public debate. He has a background in Philosophy (MA), and professional experience from politics, academia, and media. Carl works with political analysis, message development, and written content production.

+47 907 15 660

Brage Baklien

Senior Account Director

Brage has 16 years of political experience from the Norwegian parliament and from positions as deputy minister within the government. Brage’s core competencies are public relations, finance, and transportation policy. He has a master’s degree in business and economics.

+47 916 74 043

Corporate Communication

Henrik A. Salthe 

Office Manager, Stavanger Senior / Account Director Energy lead

Henrik is associated with the corporate communications team where he focuses on the oil- and energy industry, as well as leading the Stavanger office. He has previously been the online editor in PetroMedia and Edda maeida, and a journalist for several large public and industry papers in Norway.

 +47 924 50 956

Inger Johanne Stenberg 

Senior Account Director 

Inger Johanne’s expertise is in the oil- and energy industry. She previously worked as news anchor and oil- and business journalist in NRK Rogaland.  

+47 905 95 829

Borghild Eldøen

Senior Director

Borghild works with developing and implementing communication strategies, and is continuously giving advice as well as coaching clients. She has wide-reaching experience from politics, finance, travel and emergency services.  

+47 901 24 444

Heidi Stubbs Holdal

Project Director 

Heidi has worked for the UN high commisioner for refugees (UNHCR) in Ecuador. She has also worked for the Norwegian UN-delegation in New York focusing on international development.

+47 917 80 335

Tonje Skjervold 

Special Advisor Content and Distribution

Tonje works with strategic communication, PR, brand building and digital communication and marketing.

+47 926 06 444  

Christine Ekern

Senior Account Advisor / Head of Leadership Communication

With more than 20 years experience, Christine is a skilled consultant providing services within the areas of strategy, reputation management, leadership and change communication. 

+47 917 48 903 

Simen Johannessen 

Senior Account Director / Sector Head of Sea Food / Sector Head of Travel & Tourism

Simen works across sectors with a broad range of strategic and operational communication challenges. His strengths lie within reputation management, issues management, marketing strategy and media relations.

simen.johannessen@hkstrategies.com  +47 900 26 990 

Ragnvald Nærø 

Senior Account Director

Ragnvald’s expertise is within communication, authority contact and relations, profiling/branding, strategy, business development and management.

+47 900 80 303 

Johan Wilskow  

Senior Account Director Crisis Management

Johan is leading the crises communication team in Norway. ​​He is also a part of the Corporate Communications team at H+K Norway, focusing on crisis communications, media relations, internal communications and sponsorships.

johan.wilskow@hkstrategies.com  +47 909 74 606 

Mari Zare 

Senior Project Manager

Mari has a strong commercial sense and operates in between creators, designers, copy writers and strategic advisors. Her primary competencies are strategy and brand building, brand identity, concept development and digital communication.  

mari.zare@hkstrategies.com / +47 992 60 386 

Scott Engebrigtsen

Senior Account Advisor / Sector Lead Technology 

Scott has a broad communication background, working with strategy, top management, financial communication, crisis- and change communication. He has long experience from several management positions in Telenor and Elkjøp Nordic.

+47  900 43 484

Ingrid Vervik Salte  

Account Executive 

Ingrid works with PR, digital communication and crisis communication within the energy and real estate industries. She specialises in reputation and crisis management.

+47 917 55 228  

Charlotte Reksten

Senior Account Executive

Charlotte works with PR, internal communications and content production, and has an eye for design. She has previously worked at Hill+Knowlton’s London office in the departement for Energy and Industrials.

+47 911 10 576 

Alexandria Gogstad

Account Executive

Alexandria holds an undergraduate degree in Political Economy from King’s College London, and has industry experience from the energy sector and Norwegian politics. She combines political understanding with commercial flair, and works with media analysis, message development and business communication.

+47 980 33 355

Film and Animation

Erik Louis Tvedt 

Producer and animator 

Eriks core skills lays within animation, but he excels in several fields in film, photos and sound. He has excellent technical insight and has previously worked with special effects in movies such as Inception, Harry Potter and Batman – the dark knight.  

+47 454 82 528 

Jens W. Andersen  

Producer / Editor

As a producer and editor on movie productions, Jens controls all steps from deadlines and budgets, to actors and crew. As a film generalist he is also involved in the entire production chain from the idea to the finished product.  

+47 991 21 248 


Leif Gunnar Laache  

Economic and Managerial Administrator 

Leif Gunnar works in the administration with tasks related to finance and IT. 

leifgunnar.laache@hkstrategies.com  +47 906 68 813 

Stian Berntsen 

Office Manager 

Stian is a former academic manager and teacher at the hairdresser Adam & Eva.

+47 936 92 259  

Bitte Kvadsheim 

Executive Assistant 

Bitte works as Executive Assistant for Rune Wilhelmsen, Global Finance Director in Hill+Knowlton Strategies, and for Melanie Faithfull Kent, CEO Belgia og SVP Continental Europe. 

+47 480 28 833

Ingvild Gulbrandsen-Dahl  

Business Controller  

Ingvild works in administration with the economy of the firm. She har experience from Scaneco Young & Rubicam AS, Regnskap-Lønn AS, and most recently as business controller in the marketing firm Ogilvy & Mather AS. 

+47 928 99 530

Gunn Markseth

Finance Manager 

Gunn the Finance Manager in Gambit H+K med. Her responsibilities are staff and finance. She has experience from working at  PwC, Braathens and Avishuset Dagbladet/Berner Gruppen

+47 93 45 99 68

Rune Wilhelmsen 

CFO Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Rune has experience from several leading positions within finance and administration. He holds a master’s degree in business from BI, with a major in revision, tax and financial management.

rune.wilhelmsen@hkstrategies.com  +47 905 77 045 

Office: Oslo

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