360 Reputation Monitor


What is the current environment your company is operating in?

Whether it’s how your company stacks up in the competitive landscape or the outlook on bigger issues facing their industry, it’s critical to know where your company stands before launching a major communications initiative.

A single view of your reputation

Our 360˚ Reputation Monitor brings comprehensive reputation management into the executive suite and creates a foundation for building brand equity by analysing strengths and weaknesses across key stakeholder groups.

Combining research expertise with public affairs insight and cutting-edge technology, we deliver valuable, real-time information and provide actionable metrics for executive decision-making.

The 360˚ Reputation Monitor is a system designed to track brand and reputation metrics within and across multiple key constituencies, providing a business with insights into how to manage its reputation most effectively and efficiently.  

What it looks like in practice

360 reputation monitor

Case study: ongoing reputation monitor for leading financial services firm

A leading financial services firm recognized the importance of reputation to managing a global firm and realized they had minimal corporate-level information. Reputation was managed in individual departments with minimal overlap of metrics and information sources.

We designed a global assessment to simplify the reputation management process and replace the complicated multimillion-dollar efforts that existed within individual departments.

Our continuous assessment of eight stakeholder groups focuses on personalized invitations and relationship building to increase response rates among difficult-to-survey top executives. The ongoing reputation monitor has continued for several years, providing the executive management team with trend data for decision making across all departments, and has informed expanded efforts in recruiting and alumni programs to establish channels and create consistent company messages for these elite audiences.

Simen A. Johannessen

Senior Account Director / Team leader/ Lead Travel and leisure / Lead Sustainability

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