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We believe that in today’s world the strongest companies need to align their business and communications strategies around performance and purpose to drive audience preference. 

Now we talk directly to our clients’ audiences, from stakeholders and politicians, to parents and teenagers. The lines between communications have merged and there is less differentiation between B2B and B2C communications, we are in a media agnostic world of Business to Human (B2H) communications. 

At H+K we have developed a Purpose Driven Communications Model that puts your purpose at the heart of all your communications. It allows us to develop a cause and story arcs that makes your purpose relevant and resonant with all your audiences. Once we have developed your cause and story arcs we create content to carry your story to your audiences and a data driven publishing strategy to ensure that the content is seen in the right places.

Our ideas work across the owned, paid, shared as well as the earned space and ensure that all your communications work together to build momentum with your audiences rather that spikes of awareness.


The reason you exist and the legacy that you will create in the world.

  • The Emotional
  • The Rational
  • Why it matters


The cause is your creative platform; the thread that links all your communications.
It is the bridge or lens from the purpose to the story arcs.
The cause makes the brand resonant and relevant today.

Story Arcs

These are story themes expressed through the lens of the cause. You will have different story headlines for different audience or in different channels.
Your story arcs will support your cause, joining up all of your communications.

Henrik Halvorsen

CEO Gambit H+K / Senior Vice President Operations, H+K Strategies EMEA / Senior Account Director

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