On Monday 9th of December Gambit Hill+Knowlton became Eco-Lighthouse. This means that the enterprise meets the requirements and implements measures for a more environmentally friendly operation and healthy working environment.

The certificate is verified and approved by the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation.

– We are proud to be Eco-Lighthouse! The certification means that Gambit contributes to increased environmental awareness, pride and commitment among our employees and customers, says Henrik Halvorsen, CEO of Gambit H+K Norway.

The certification means that the company’s environmental standards and procedures are in accordance with the criteria for being certified Eco-Lighthouse. Gambit H+K fulfills criteria within the working environment, procurement, energy, transport, waste, emissions and aesthetics.

The Eco-Lighthouse (ELH) certification scheme is Norway’s most widely used environmental management system, with nearly 5300 valid certificates. The Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme integrates environmental management and both internal and external environmental measures, into the Norwegian Regulations relating to Systematic Health, Environmental and Safety Activities in Enterprises (Internal Control Regulations). Being Eco-Lighthouse certified thus equals full compliance with the Internal Control Regulations and with the relevant environmental regulations pertaining to the enterprise.

The Eco-Lighthouse is a valuable tool for authorities and for small, medium-sized and large enterprises in the quest for sustainability and increased eco-efficiency. Gambit Hill+Knowlton highly recommends other enterprises to become Eco-Lighthouse: https://eco-lighthouse.org/