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Sponsorships can be used to create internal and external engagement, to increasing visibility, motivate employees and strengthening the company’s reputation. It is also the second largest paid communication channel in Norway after digital advertising. Yet, we see that few companies are fully exploiting the potential of their sponsorship commitments. With a broader approach, the effect and value can be significantly increased.

Gambit H + K works with sponsorship commutation, and we can be an adviser for making the most out of a sponsorship deal, both for sponsors and sponsor objects. For businesses we analyze various sponsorship objects and their potential upon partners, and for the object we develop frameworks for sponsorship work to attract partners.

Gambit H + K also has extensive experience in activating, structuring and adding value to sponsorship agreements related to sports, culture and humanitarian organizations and projects. We help you maximize your sponsorship investment.

Vegard Bjørtuft

Senior Account Director / Lead Events and Sponsorship

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