DNB: 4 The Future - Establishing corporate values in banking.

Norway’s largest bank, DNB, is in the midst of a digital transformation. In order to make a leap into the future DNB created new corporate values, purpose and a strategy named “4 THE FUTURE”.

Gambit H+K assisted with rolling out the new corporate platform. Through the summer and autumn of 2017 we delivered an array of activities and actions, these are some of the highlights.

  • The set up of an internal podcast, providing the leadership in DNB an opportunity to speak directly to their 11.500 employees. The podcast has later on become an internal communication channel for in house experts sharing insight with the whole DNB group.
  • We developed a series of workshops where every team leader in DNB was enabled to host strategy workshops where the end goal was to make the new platform operational on all levels in the organization.
  • We conducted leadership communication training sessions in for all the DNB business units, in Norway and abroad. It provided the leaders with the tools and confidence they needed to implement the new platform and strategy and create a cultural change.
  • In terms of effect we helped DNB secure an enthusiastic transition to a new corporate platform. We developed new tools for internal communication and we ensured that every part of the DNB group knew its role in the total value creation that goes on every day.
  • Helping DNB with a new platform was the start of a framework agreement. We are currently assisting them in communicating their corporate responsibility internally and supporting them in business development and launches of new products, such as the Spare app.
Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Specialist expertise: Purpose Consultancy, People + Purpose
Office: Oslo

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