Bertel O. Steen: Creating loyalty in social media

Gambit H+K developed Bertel O. Steen’s social media strategy, and produced continuous content for their website, Facebook and Instagram until august 2020. With a sharp and relatable tone of voice, we have created enthusiasm and excitement among their followers for many years. 

Bertel O. Steen is one of the Nordics’ largest companies for passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses. They have a total of 39 dealers across the country, from Kristiansand in the south to Verdal in the north.

Gambit H+K produced, processesed and optimised content for Bertel O. Steen. We were also sponsoring content on behalf of the dealers, and reported on our impact every month, in order to continuously improve. 

Increased reach and engagement
Since 2015 Gambit H+K have managed to significantly increase engagement among Bertel O. Steen’s followers. A benchmark conducted in late 2018 showed that they had a significantly higher average engagement rate than other Facebook-pages (across industries).

As the target audiences gain good associations to the brand on social media, the likelihood that they choose Bertel O. Steen specifically when deciding to test drive a car, buy accessories or book a maintenance appointment increases.

Gambit H+K also delivered copywriting and social media support. We also delivered content for their website on a regular basis, including product descriptions and editorial articles on car maintenance.

All hands on deck during the corona lock-down
When the corona crisis hit Norway in March 2020 Gambit H+K functioned as an on call advisor for the marketing departement. For several weeks, from home offices, the Gambit H+K’s advisors worked shifts to ensure that all social media channels were followed up on in a professional and timely way. 

Sector: Fast Consumer Goods
Specialist expertise: Content + Publishing Strategy, Partnership Marketing
Office: Oslo

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