Geberit: Ambassador strategy

Geberit, a leading supplier of bathroom solutions, wanted  address the market in a more personal form than usual marketing. The choice became ambassadors and podcasts.

In recent years, Geberit has used podcasts to promote its shower toilet – Aquaclean. Podcasts were chosen as a channel, as this helps to normalize a topic that many still find a tad uncomfortable.

Normalizing an unusual product 
In 2019 and 2020, Jan Thomas and Einar Tørnquist were selected as ambassadors through their management PLAN B. “Jan Thomas and Einar become friends” is one of Norway’s most popular podcasts, and the two main characters have both had shower toilets installed in their homes. With a little humor and finesse, the two have told about their projects and experiences – without it being awkward.

Previously, “Synnøve and Vanessa’s Podcast” as well as “Crisis Meeting” have been Ambassadors for Geberit Aquaclean.

Specialist expertise: Partnership Marketing
Office: Oslo

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